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Managed IT Support

How would you feel if one day you woke up and found out your entire company’s network system has been hacked, without a clue of how and why it happened?

Hacking techniques and cyber threats are always taking on new forms as they evolve rapidly and thus leave too many security risks for a small business owner to take lightly.

UTS has a comprehensive Cyber Security package that will give peace of mind to any business owner. When matched with our 24/7 monitoring services, our Cyber Security package guarantees 100% ransomware protection. In the case that your system does get infected and strained to pay the ransom, UTS will either fix it or pay the price with no questions asked.

  • Comprehensive Security Focus
  • You’ll Get A Professional Team, Not A “One-Man-Band
  • In House Help Desk & Our Phones Are Answered Live!
  • Excellent Response Time And Increase In Up time
  • Exclusive, Customized Roadmap
  • Hardware Included In All Plans

Working With Our Engineers

They are highly trained for quickly response and provide great service to our customers. Experts are give profitability and success of our business growth & marketing. Network solutions’ to Windows and open source operating systems, as those software platforms gained networking capabilities.

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Ultimate Tech Support

Experts in Compliance & Privacy

Managing your organization’s risk to acceptable levels and protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information and information systems is our top priority. We understand that compliance requires people, processes, and technology and that there is no one single piece of technology that can take care of all your compliance needs. Our goal is to be a collaborative partner for our clients to help them implement the necessary improvements to comply with local, federal or industry-specific regulations. As a leader in the technology industry and a Gold Microsoft partner, UTS has the services and manpower to assist with all your compliance needs. We are uniquely positioned to deliver compliance-specific consulting and educational resources.

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